Magento – The right software for your e-Commerce platform

Finding a concept to set up an online store is easy – the difficult part is finding a platform to power the site. There are two categories of e-Commerce platforms – ones which are hosted by others and self-hosted ones. Hosted sites work well for small businesses but large scale businesses benefit from using open source software like Magento. It is one platform which offers a good return of investment for businesses of all sizes, due to its sheer reliability and performance.

Why Magento is the best:

Magento is the oldest and the best known open source platform for businesses. It has many features to offer. Users find it extremely flexible and adaptable as far as looks, content and functionality are concerned.   What sets it apart from the other platforms is its scalability and support network. Use the dynamic interfaces already available to design an appealing site – one which draws new customers and also makes it easy to navigate. Some of the reasons for Magento’s success are:

  • It is simple and easy to set up.
  • User friendly features
  • Its versatility allows customers to look for, find and purchase products easily.
  • Websites using this platform can use the automatic updates feature.
  • It has the capacity to support multiple websites at one time.
  • It is set up offer support to stores for promoting inventory in many different domains
  • It has many features which companies can use to develop good SEO practices to market their business.
  • It has several catalog and marketing tools which can be tailored to meet the needs of different types of businesses.
  • Customers can choose from free plugins or pay to get ones that they need – Out of stock subscription, Image Flipper, Discount, Update Order, Delivery Date estimates, exclusive Daily Deals, Order deletion and more.

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